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getting ready for the wedding

photo © Kevin Eilbeck Photography


The most important logistic to confirm is your wedding date. I rarely book two weddings on the same day, so our first priority will be to determine if I am available.

I will want to know some of the logistical details you may have already settled. Your answers to these questions help me provide a more accurate estimate of my fees.

   Location and time of wedding
   Size of your bridal party
   Plans for a rehearsal
   Estimate of guests

We’ll also discuss topics ranging from rehearsal details to potential difficult family dynamics.

I will also want to know a little about your relationship, such as:

   How long have you known each other?
   Do either of you have children?
   Tell me the story of your relationship.
   What is your religious and/or spiritual background
      and do you want that reflected in your wedding ceremony?

Your answers to these and other questions will:

   guide me in my selection of options for you
    suggest possible special touches
   bring to mind ways to incorporate friends and family

A back-and-forth process (via email, mail, or phone) will help us develop a ceremony that feels just right to you and your intended. My goal is to have your ceremony finalized and approved by you several weeks before your actual wedding date. 

Your detailed thoughtfulness about the ceremony
  contributed so much to our wedding celebration.
  Everything about it was magical!   —Nicole Parkhill

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