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wedding ceremony table

photo courtesy of Katherine Stribling


In my work as a wedding officiant, I have performed ceremonies all over the Black Hills. I'm familiar with most of the gorgeous venues, and I know many of the vendors personally. I also know the joys of simple, intimate ceremonies in beautiful little pull-offs or seldom-used picnic grounds.

Skim this page and check out the photos (click on the word "photo" by each loacation), and take a peek at the Photos page. Then get in touch with me to talk about your vision for your special day.

A note about outdoor weddings: South Dakota is famous for its sunshine and its storms. It can be summer in November or winter in May! If you decide on an outdoor wedding, make a back-up plan. Will we wait out a storm? Where? Can we reorganize the reception area and move inside? What about wind? (South Dakota is famous for that, too!)

Specialty Locations
Sunshine Valley Gardens, Piedmont (photo)
The ceremony can take place in rough-hewn log gazebo atop a grassy hill with gorgeous views of the hills and Bear Butte. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the lodge also offers amazing (and warmer/drier!) views. Mike and Liz are gracious and wonderful hosts. You can contact them by email to request more information.

Prairy Berry Winery, Hill City

The Homestead at Prairie Berry is a lovely, unique venue with indoor and outdoor space for you and your guests to enjoy. The events team works hard to take the stress out of your big day. The excellent food, award-winning wines and craft beers add to the pleasures.

Stagestop Receptions, Black Hawk (photo)
A lovely alcove and fireplace provide the backdrop for the ceremony, with room for your reception and dance right there. Accommodations for your guests are a breeze, with the Ramada right next door

Copper Canyon Lodge (photo)
The ceremony meadow at Copper Canyon Lodge has a soaring rock wall with a stream meandering along the bottom as its backdrop. Stunning! Even better are Ruthann and Wally, the delightful and dedicated owners.

Black Hills Weddings & Receptions, Hisega (photo)
Offering several beautiful ceremony sites from outdoors at Swan Point to being sheltered from the weather in the grand gazebo. The reception tent nearby is fully enclosed. Staff wedding planners orchestrate all the logistics from party flow and guest comfort to set up and take down.

Outdoor Wedding Locations
Canyon Lake Park, Rapid City (photo)
This park offers several possible outdoor wedding locations, including a small gazebo on an island in the middle of the lake! There are picnic accommodations, and even a duck-feeding area for the kids.

Custer State Park
All of the area lakes offer beautiful possibilities for a ceremony, as do the picnic grounds, and the lookout at Mt. Coolidge. The lodges within the park also have facilities for weddings.

Bluebell Lodge (photo) has an outdoor chapel.

Lover's Leap Pavillion (photo)
Right next to the Game Lodge is a gorgeous pavilion with open sides, a high ceiling and a beautiful fireplace wall, perfect for a reception. Adjacent to it is a lovely deck, sheltered by trees, for your ceremony. If it rains (and rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck), you can move the ceremony into the pavilion.

Sylvan Lake Lodge has a huge rock patio (photo) it rents out specifically for weddings, a rocky overhang above the lake near the auditorium, and a pretty, grassy area next to the lake (photo).

The auditorium (photo) makes a neat reception site (and back-up ceremony site, when the weather is damp or cold!). Near the auditorium is a deck overlooking the lake (photo).

You may contact the Custer State Park Resort Company for more information, 800-658-3530. Or visit their website, www.custerresorts.com.

Noordermeer Formal Gardens, Rapid City
A small set of formal gardens on the west side of Rapid City, again an ideal spot for a small summer wedding.

Spearfish Canyon and Roughlock Falls
Roughlock Falls (photo) is at the top of Spearfish Canyon. Highway 14 meanders through the canyon and it is one of the prettiest drives in the Black Hills. A bit upstream of the falls themselves is a beautiful area where the stream meanders before plunging into a ravine (photo). It is flat, grassy, and surrounded by high rock walls. It’s a gorgeous wedding site for a small group. Plan to bring your own chairs!

Spearfish Canyon Resort is at the top of the canyon. It’s a beautiful lodge in a beautiful spot. Spearfish Canyon Lodge/Resort 605-584-3435

Spearfish Park, Spearfish
Spearfish Park has a long path that winds along Spearfish Creek and is edged by canyon walls. Big trees create shade and the sounds of the creek make this a very accessible and pretty option. There is also a band shelter in case of rain.

Indian Springs, Spearfish (photo)
Across the street from Spearfish Park is Indian Springs, a small park with a gazebo perched in front of a pond and waterfall. The DC Booth Fish Hatchery rents Ruby’s Garden (photo) for outdoor weddings. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic setting for smaller ceremonies.

Wilson Park, Rapid City (photo)
Just off Mt. Rushmore Rd and surrounded by little homes from the early 1900s, this park has a large gazebo offering shade or shelter in inclement weather and a formal garden set well away from the busy road. The garden is beautiful and overflowing with flowers in summer.

Thanks for helping us see our vision.
Our ceremony was truly one-of-a-kind.
We will treasure it forever.   —Tyler and Jessica Olson

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