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rose petal circle at wedding ceremony

photo © Johnny Sundby Photography

Special Touches Photos


Your wedding ceremony can reflect your values, your history, even your sense of humor. There are dozens of ways to let your personalities shine through, making your ceremony more meaningful for both you and your guests.

Browse through the Special Touches photo gallery to get a few ideas.

Make it uniquely yours
Do you have a favorite song, a sentimental poem, or special nicknames? Do you love your grandmother’s lace hankie? Are there family traditions we could incorporate? All this and more can be woven into your ceremony. If it will add to the richness and meaning of your day, we can find a way to include it!

Acknowledge your children
Many couples are not starting out alone; they are blending families. Your wedding day is a very important turning point for your children, too. Opportunities range from being an attendant to escorting you into the ceremonial space to exchanging vows with each other to a quiet family blessing.

Honor special people

You can thank each other’s parents. You can credit the person who introduced you. You can acknowledge loved ones who are unable to attend, or people who have died. One of the couples I married had each spent months apart on overseas tours of duty with the National Guard. During their wedding, they presented everyone who had served in the military with yellow roses.

Use music to set the tone
Yes, there are traditional choices and if those appeal to you, by all means, use them. Just don’t limit yourselves. I’ve been party to some very fun deviations from tradition. One couple entered to Where or When by Ella Fitzgerald. Another made many traditional choices but exited to the Star Wars theme. A couple marrying for a second time chose When I’m 64 by the Beatles. Check out TheKnot.com for dozens of possibilities, organized by genre, for everything from the processional to the father-daughter dance.

Participate as much as you wish
There are many books available on ceremony planning. By all means, pick up a few and look for passages that capture the essence you’d like to create within your own ceremony. I love new ideas, and I am open to almost anything.

Tim and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful day
 that you made for us. From the first time we met, I thought
  you were so helpful and caring. You had so many great ideas
  to make the day extra special. All of our family and friends
  just raved about how touching the whole ceremony was and
  said that it was one of the best that they had ever been to.
  It was truly a day we will cherish for a lifetime.   —Lynette Erickson

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