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The most important legal aspect (aside from being legally single and of age) is your marriage license.

Here are details about getting your marriage license:
    Purchase from any SD county courthouse
    Up to 20 days prior to the wedding
    You both must both be present
    Bring driver’s licenses or other government-issued photo ID
    $40 cash
   • No blood test, waiting period or need for divorce decrees

Bring your marriage license to the ceremony. We will complete it and get the needed signatures (two adult witnesses are required). I will mail it back to the courthouse.

Note: Under special circumstances, you may return the marriage certificate to the courthouse yourselves in person, but this must be done within 10 days of the ceremony – and with the consent of the courthouse.

Need a certified copy of your marriage certificate? (It’s necessary for changing your name, renewing your driver’s license, and so on.) It will not be mailed to you automatically. You must request it from any South Dakota county courthouse. There is an additional $15 fee.

We honestly couldn't have asked
  for a better person to marry us. We
  loved the way you brought in humor
  about the weather, and since we hear
  that rain on your wedding day brings
  good luck, we should be good for awhile!
  We couldn't have done it without you.  
  —Ryan and Lyn Telford

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