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wedding couple

photo © Mark Feliz

Oh my goodness, where do we even start?! I loved every single bit of our wedding day. My most favorite part was the ceremony and how fitting it was for us. You made it such a special day. Words cannot express how grateful we are.
Tyler and Becky

Thanks especially for encouraging us to personalize our ceremony. It ended up being very “us” and now we will never forget it.
Julie and Brian

Thank you so much for helping to make our big day perfect for us. The ceremony was even better than we could have imagined. There were so many compliments about the personalized vows and your heartfelt delivery. I would gladly recommend your services, direction and helpful knowledge to everyone!
Jaime and Ryan

Thank you so much for helping us create the perfect ceremony that really reflected both our values and our vision in life. You were such a calm spirit during the whole process, and I am so grateful you were the one leading our ceremony.
Laura Diemer

Your suggestions, support and flexibility in the planning phase and your wonderful presence on the big day was really remarkable. You played an integral part in helping us achieve the wedding we've been dreaming of! We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you.
Robert and Jerica Slocum

Of everything that happened on our day, you being there was definitely what made it as special for our guests as it was for Adam and me. Everyone kept saying that it was the best they've ever been to and that you did such an amazing job of making it all about us. It was exactly what we wanted. Even the guys said it was the most amazing ceremony! Adam and Melinda Royds

Your message was incredibly touching. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we've received, things like 'I've been to a lot of wedding ceremonies, but I've never been to one that felt so personal.' It turned out better than we could have imagined. Thank you, thank you!
Alli and Ian Thomas

It was so cool how you incorporated our stories into our ceremony. You did an absolutely amazing job! Everything was just perfect!
Adam & Laci Beshara

Thank you again for being such a wonderful part of our wedding. You took our thoughts and plans and implemented them beautifully! You would be a blessing to any couple’s ceremony.
Sue Hellman

The ceremony had so much meaning to us, and it’s so nice to have it all in writing! I look forward to reading and re-reading it, and also...after we have passed on...so those that follow can read it and really understand how committed we were to each other and still are, "beyond the bonds of earth." I think that is a great legacy to leave!
Dolores Sewak and Bill Jennings

Dennis and I couldn’t imagine anyone else officiating, and value the ceremony itself as the best part of the day!
Nancy Williams

Thank you! I had so many compliments on you and the ceremony. It was awesome. We had a blast! (And, thank God for the rehearsal!)
Dr. Mary Wendt-Curtis

The compliments and impressed commentary continue. ... People can't recall ever feeling so emotionally connected and personally involved during a wedding ceremony. Many left the ceremony with an understanding of who Jake and Chandra are, as individuals and as a couple, for the first time. Thank you for putting the essence of who Chandra and Jake are as a family into form.
Susan Lesmeister-Nickle (photo) photo © Johnny Sundby

Thank you for making Lacee and Bryce’s wedding so special! I was so pleased with the way things turned out. You did a wonderful job.
Becky Husman (photo) photo © Johnny Sundby

Thank you for your guidance, creativity, and reassurance. You helped us create a beautiful wedding. Your message was perfect and added so much to what we were already trying to say. We will cherish it always.
Eric and Abbie Jennings (photo)

Caroline and I would like to thank you for a great ceremony. It was exactly as we hoped it would be.
Adam Andersson (photo) photo © Sabine Andersson

Thank you for everything you’ve done to make our wedding day so special!
Tyler and Tabatha Murphy (left)

In June of 1996, my partner of 5 years and I exchanged life vows. Mary listened to our ideas and desires with an open heart and keen mind, creating a beautifully spiritual and unique ceremony that honored and affirmed the formalizing of our commitment. Those who were present were deeply moved. Two and a half years later Mary gathered with us again to welcome our baby girl.
Tina Brownfield (photo)

Mary brought fun and presence back into the almost unbearable waiting at the end of my pregnancy (I was three weeks past due!) Every time I looked at the tattoo on my belly or my rainbow toes, I smiled! Her touch was gentle and sure and her being so solid and comforting that I could easily remember back to it, even in the most excruciating moments of labor and delivery. Thank you, Mary, for helping me to remember that birth is a beautiful miracle, no matter how it unfolds.
Melanie Parrish (photo)

Thank you for such a beautiful ceremony. It was everything, plus more, than I imagined. Thanks for making our dream come true.
Debbie and Kirk Martin (photo)

Thank you so much for a wonderful, magical, beautiful wedding ceremony.
Candy and John Watson (photo)

You did such a lovely job planning Jayden’s welcoming ceremony. I’d be happy to talk to anyone who wants a referral!
Cynthia Porter and Jayden (photo)

Wade and I would like to thank you so much
  for the wonderful ceremony. I can't tell you how
  much it meant to us.  We received so many fabulous
  comments on how great the ceremony was. Everyone
  enjoyed it tremendously.”  Tammy Wall

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