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Mary Maisey-Ireland, wedding officiant

photo © CB Photo


Working with couples to create their own, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies brings me great joy. I love adding to the magic of such a significant day.

My favorite (and most frequent) compliments from family and friends focus on my ability to capture the spirit of the couple. The best (and most frequent) thank you I get from couples focuses on the calm I bring to an often stressful, emotional day.

Ceremonies of all kinds are my passion. I would be honored to think with you about ways to recognize any of the momentous occasions and transitions in your life.

Mary Maisey-Ireland

Our special day was amazing. Everyone loved it,
 especially you and how wonderful the ceremony
 was! I wish we could just stay in that moment
 forever. We are still just taking it all in!   —Rachel and Justin Dell

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