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a "red" ceremony for young woman

photo © Melanie Maisey

Honoring the important events of our lives makes them more meaningful. Many important occasions (birthdays, retirements, weddings, baby showers, and so on) already have rituals associated with them in the form of parties or gatherings. A few thoughtful additions can add depth, meaning, and sustenance to these special days.

Vow renewals
Celebrate a special wedding anniversary by renewing your vows. This time, you make the commitment with full knowledge of one another and what it means to keep these promises. We can include your children. We can acknowledge and forgive difficult times. We can create a vision for your future, all while reaffirming your love.

Baby welcomings
Throughout time, ceremonies have been conducted to bless new parents and to welcome their children into their communities. When we step out of traditional religious institutions, we have to create these for ourselves.

House blessings
There’s nothing to make a new house feel more like home than a ceremony intended to clear out any leftover “vibes” from previous owners, and designed to infuse the new space with your dreams and intentions.

Coming of age
Some momentous events are ignored. Imagine, for example, gathering your closest women friends to welcome your daughter into the circle of women or creating a ceremony to send your son off to college or military service. You don’t have to have children to throw these kinds of celebrations. You can do this for yourself — at any age!

Divorce ceremony
Often private, painful, and held at arm’s length, yet how fitting to mark the ending of a marriage by ceremonially releasing yourself from the vows you made, with gifts to honor who you are now, and in the company of the people who loved and supported you through the process.

I can help you design a deeply personal and meaningful ceremony to honor almost any significant milestone.

Ceremonies enrich almost any aspect of life. Please call or email to discuss the possibilities and fees.

Because we bought our dream home from friends,
  it was hard to visualize the house as ours. Mary suggested
  a house cleansing and blessing ceremony. ... We thanked
  and released the old, invited in the new, and I spoke my
  hopes and dreams for each member of my family. By the
  time we were finished, I felt inspired, peaceful, and at home. ...
  Mary helped me turn a stressful transition into something
  beautiful and meaningful.   —Kristin Dehler

Renewing our vows on our 25th wedding anniversary was
  so special. Unlike our first ceremony, we weren't nervous –
  we knew what we were getting into! Thank you for your
  ideas and your obvious delight in celebrating with us.
  We loved being so involved in creating the ceremony.  
  —Darla and Tim Creal

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